Washington reported that it was deeply troubled by ‘the move’ of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for signing 20 international agreements, including with the International Criminal Court (ICC).

As the USA, UK and Israel opposed to a peace resolution drafted by Jordan to set a one year time-line to remove Israel from occupied territories like the West Bank in late 2017. This would open up the path for the Palestinians to create their own state.

According to the USA, the Palestinian political response was of deep concern and unhelpful to peace efforts in the region. The Palestinian move paves the way for the ICC to take jurisdiction over crimes committed in Palestinian lands and investigate the conduct of Isreali and Palestinian leaders over more than a decade of bloody conflict.

State Department spokesman, Jeff Rathke said actions like these are not the answer and the escalatory steps taken will not achieve any of the outcomes most Palestinians have long hoped to see for their people.

Reuters / AA News 2014.

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