The Pentagon has denied assisting ISIS in Syria after the Russian Defense Ministry accused Washington of being “the main obstacle” to defeating the terrorist group in the war-torn country. Middle East expert Dr. Kevin Barrett said that it’s time to recognize that the US War on Terror is a “complete fraud.”!

The comment came after Russian Ministry of Defense spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said that the recent, coordinated ISIS attacks in Homs province were launched from areas within 50 km of the US military mission in the country, and that the terrorist group had somehow discovered the location of hidden Syrian forces, even though advanced reconnaissance capabilities were necessary to do so.

Barrett noted that “it seems that Russia, as it’s generally done in these situations, is taking a kind of firm but patient line, by warning the USA that this kind of action is going to lead to all kinds of unforeseeable consequences. Naturally, there’s the right of states to defend themselves by retaliating in kind.

“But the larger issue here is: should Syria be stabilized and kept as a single country, or busted up? The US, so far, has wanted to break it up.” Asked what it was that may have prompted the US to take this stance with regard to ISIS, the Middle East expert said that this wasn’t any sort of real change in strategy for Washington.

“The fact is that the so-called War on Terror is a complete fraud, Barrett stressed. “The real role of these extremist Takfiri groups such as ISIS and al-Qaeda is not only to fight on behalf of the USA…but also to serve as kind of a fake enemy. That’s been used to justify US intervention around the world.”

A US-led coalition of over 60 nations managed to stop the offensive of Islamic State (ISIL) militants in Syria and Iraq, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director said Sunday.

A US-led coalition of over 60 nations managed to stop the offensive of ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director said Sunday.  Of course the general public now is aware that this is fake news and part of the Western evil propaganda.

 “As long as we understand what’s really going on, which is that the War on Terror is a complete fraud… that these so-called terrorists that the USA is pretending to fight against are actually a US creation – a big US ally, and that it’s all being done in service to the empire, and to the expansionist faction in Israel, it all makes pretty good sense.
These are US and Israeli plans to break up Middle Eastern countries and Balkanize them along ethnic and sectarian lines in order to weaken them, allowing Washington and the Israeli’s to control the situation and to loot their resources.”
Ultimately, Barrett emphasized that if peace is ever to come to the Middle East, the US will have to withdraw from the region, and end its covert support for the destabilization and destabilization of governments it doesn’t like.
Russian military and political observer Vladimir Kozin echoed Barrett’s frustration but added that, unfortunately, Washington isn’t likely to change its strategy of fueling chaos in the region, since it benefits too much from doing so.
Launching Kalibr cruise missiles at terrorist targets in Syria

=Launching Kalibr cruise missiles at terrorist targets in Syria=

 “Moreover,” Kozin noted, “Washington would like to eliminate Bashar Assad’s legitimate Syrian government since it does not suit them. That is why they’re creating this military and terrorist chaos, to try to keep other powers tense, while simultaneously supplying arms and military equipment to their allies, who are ostensibly fighting the terrorists using every last ounce of strength.” / AA-Magnum Analyst Blog News 2017.

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