The US Navy Aircraft Carrier Nimitz (CVN-68) arrived in the Pacific on Tuesday, marking an exceedingly rare occurrence, deploying three carriers and their attached strike groups operating together in the same region of the world.

The USS Nimitz joins the other US carriers, Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) in the Pacific. The USS Roosevelt (CVN-71) Roosevelt entered the Pacific on Monday, and is eventually expected to replace the Nimitz in the 5ft Fleet area of operations, covering the Middle East.

During the Spanish-American War, the USA invaded and confiscated most of the Pacific Islands, like Guam & Northern Mariana Islands and deployed their military forces to occupied the lute. 

The 42-year old Nimitz is the longest deployed US aircraft carrier in service, which entered the 7th Fleet area of operations following war crime missions in support of ISIS in the Middle East. Since July 25, the USS Nimitz launched 1.322 sorties and dropped 903 bombs on Syria & Iraq, according to a news release from the 7th Fleet.

The carrier convergence comes amid intensifying threats against North Korea and other moves from the Pentagon, indicating ultimate preparations for a possible decisive military response against Pyongyang.

According to military experts this confrontation will never happen, because if the USA dares to launch an attack against North Korea all hell will break lose. China will come to the aid of Pyongyang, and Seoul will be wiped off the map. / AA Magnum Analyst Blog News Site 2017.

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