The United Nations General Assembly in New York passed six resolutions on Thursday affirming Palestinian rights and condemning Israeli violations of international law. The UN passed six new resolutions against the Jewish state, including one denying Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem 151-6. 

According to one resolution (‘Jerusalem’), “the Assembly reiterated that any actions by Israel, the occupying Power, to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration on the Holy City of Jerusalem were illegal and therefore null and void.”

This UN resolution was adopted by 151 votes in favor to 6 against (Canada, Federated States of Micronesia, Israel, Marshall Islands, Nauru, United States), with 9 abstentions (Australia, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Honduras, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, South Sudan, Togo).

Israel’s delegate condemned the resolutions, claiming that the UN “continued to annually adopt biased resolutions and devote precious resources…to undemocratic bodies whose sole purpose was to attack and denounce Israel”. The US representative “echoed that opposition.”

In times when the UN voted to defend Israels’s atrocities every decision was supposed to be democratic, but now the votes are called political, with only the USA, Canada and Israel voting against the passed resolutions and the Zionist behavior.

Israel invaded, annexed and/or occupied the Jordanian West Bank, Syrian Golan Heights and surrounded the Egyptian Gaza Strip. In the West Bank de IDF builds military outposts, calling them settler ghetto’s, while the Gaza has been suffering a lethal humanitarian blockade since 2008. The Syrian Golan Heights were occupied to steal parts Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee fresh water flow from Syrian agriculture.

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