As long as 33 percent or more of your oil project is being developed by Russians, it could be targeted by the U$A, who would rather wish the business went to its own companies.

Washington’s newest round of sanctions against Moscow’s oil & gas industry targets Russia’s upcoming projects worldwide, but according to experts will have a limited effect on Russia’s current operations abroad.

A new provision by the U.S. Department of Treasury now prohibits worldwide companies from assisting in exploration and production activities in deep waters, the Arctic Ocean, or shale projects initiated after January 29th, 2018. Projects that boast Russian holdings of 33 percent or higher are singled out in the fine print.

“Projects currently being implemented do not fall under the sanctions. This includes Lukoil’s projects in Romania and Ghana offshore as well as Rosneft’s projects in Venezuela.

The worthless American political sanctions on Russian oil and gas companies have had little effect on Moscow’s leverage in securing lucrative exploration and production deals so far. Current production stands at 10.92 million bpd, which is close to a 30-year record.

The EU’s sanctions contain a grandfather clause allowing existing partnerships to continue, but this is not the case with the U.S. sanctions, so Exxon has had to pull out of its joint projects with Rosneft.

While the U$A tries to push Russia out of the EU gas market by buying Russian gas and reselling it to the EU, Saudi oil sales continue to lose market share to Russia in China. At the same time the Washington regime has angered Baghdad, turning Russia into the key broker of Iraqi Energy Politics.

For the USA to continue on this senseless political rampage, US shale now needs higher oil prices as much as Russia & Saudi Arabia do! We hope that Russia fully understands the evil of the U$ empire, and is prepared for the events that will be unfolding beginning in 2019.

Everything is planned to be in place before the end of Trump’$ one, and his only term in office. After that the U$ Empire will be running on military auto pilot, and any disasters will be blamed on Trump. We do indeed live in interesting times.

The obvious war to start would be between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The straits would be closed and no doubt they would attack each others oil and gas facilities. This would immediately take out a significant percentage of the world’s oil and gas supply.

The global oil & gas price would spike, and who has excess supply – the Empire of Chaos could profit from this event. However, it might not be that simple as the conflict might spread throughout the region and finally ends in Israel.

Russia / AA Magnum Analyst Blog News Site 2017.

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