Turkey’s failed coup will create an immense security vacuum in the already destabilized country.

NATO privileges, combined with supporting terror groups such as ISIS and other Western proxies will add to the stipulated collision course, especially if the Kurdish question will explode to the max and damage the country’s economy for the upcoming decades.

Syria has proven to be too much to handle for Erdogan and his ambitions to become the new Muslim idol for the Middle East. The Hybrid warfare tactics the Russians exposed forced NATO and Turkey to play the catch up game and defend themselves against an ever growing machine that extends their imagination.

The unlimited power sources of the Russians and Chinese combined, clothed in a BRICS uniform will change the Jewish-American hegemony forever. The world has awaked from a deep sleep, forced upon by the Western propaganda media since WW II.

The coup attempt launched on Friday night failed, because it was not backed up by a decent follow up. The first step is to isolate and neutralize the target in charge and secondly close and/or control all communication channels.

The Arab revolution was launched through the internet, but as we are living in the age of internet, Erdogan managed to round up his cattle and force his supporters into the streets to beat up the surrendering soldiers which basically ended the short lived and clumsy revolution.

The widespread believe that the coup was actually staged by Erdogan and his CIA conspirators, so as to eliminate whatever was left of the opposition in order to retain his final goal of introducing a presidential system in Turkey so he becomes the all-powerfull executive president.

Erdogan will abuse the upcoming “reintroduced” death penalty to murder all his political rivals. Somekind of mix between communist Stalin, fascist Hitler, Idi Amin and Jewish narcissist Netanyahu.

As of today nearly 7.500 soldiers have rounded up and been arrested, while 3.000 judges together with over 8.000 policemen have been suspended from duty.

The security vacuum this will create will be immense in an already destabilized country, where Ankara assists and replenishes ISIS and terrorizes the Kurdish community for them to go live somewhere else, for example in Syria.

The Standard & Poor stock market in the U.S. skyrocketed to a record high. Do you like me know?

IBT / AA Magnum News 2016.

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