South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff have announced that the military is working on a game changing new missile interceptor technology that could, in theory, deflect a possible massive North Korean artillery barrage.

Seoul, the enormous capital city of South Korea, is only 35 miles from the border with North Korea. Military action against Pyongyang has never been seriously considered by the South in the past, in no small part because Seoul is well within the range of a tremendous barrage of North Korean artillery and rocket artillery that could reduce the metropolis to rubble.

The system is inspired by the Israeli Iron Dome interceptor network, meant to protect Israeli populated areas from Palestinian Hamas or Hezbollah counter attacks. The Joint Chiefs explained that the Iron Dome is highly effective at responding to sporadic rocket attacks, but it is not designed to answer concentrated, heavy barrages. It wouldn’t be able to protect Seoul from such an attack.

Furthermore, the Israeli Iron Dome’s primary purpose is to protect civilians. The theoretical South Korean system, the Joint Chiefs said, is meant to protect military, command and missile defense centers, not population centers!

It remains unclear if the project is feasible or not. It would easily be the most complicated and expensive interceptor network ever built if completed?

US and Korean Military chiefs have also pushed for the implementation of a “three-axis” attack platform against North Korea: a pre-emptive strike of tactical missiles to destroy DPRK artillery platforms, ballistic missiles to destroy North Korea’s nuclear arsenal.

And finally the Hyunmoo-IV “Frankenmisile” to devastate underground facilities. That third step would be meant to kill North Korean President Kim Jong-un and his top military generals and lieutenants.

North Korea has an estimated $9 trillion mineral deposit treasury that the Zionist West wants to confiscate. That is why greed kicks in and the US military doesn’t want any peace treaty with DRPK!

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