Ten Navy ships and three search & rescue aircraft have been scouring the designated area in the South Atlantic in order to locate the missing Argentine submarine.

The Argentinian Navy has concentrated its efforts to find the vanished submarine in the area where a sound consistent with an explosion was recorded.

Meantime, relatives of the 44 missing crew members who were aboard a submarine when it vanished in the ocean lashed out at the Navy on after the hope of finding them alive dimmed.

Earlier on in the day, Argentinian media has reported that Russia was preparing to send one of the world’s largest cargo planes and a special bathyscaph to search for a missing Argentinian sub in the South Atlantic. The aircraft described by the Todo Noticias news channel appears to be an Antonov An-124 Ruslan, which can carry up to 150 tonnes of cargo and special equipment.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called his Argentinian counterpart Mauricio Macri on Wednesday to also offer him assistance of a Russian high-tech oceanographic vessel, which is currently fulfilling its planned tasks near Africa’s western coast, to the search area for the missing Argentine submarine.

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