In Curacao, the Tourist Industry is best known for the production of a massive carbon footprint and its extensive money laundering schemes. The local tax payers are forced to provide the costs for the expensive infrastructure, while the greedy tax evading tourist industry is collecting the profits?

Since the tourist sector was reinvented in the 1990’s, local politicians have been bribed into the lucrative travel business in order to sign dubious contracts that do not serve the development and wealth of the local residents itself. Flying pirate ships (KLM & TUI) have been delivering the supply of colonial networks on a daily basis which are involved in the evil business scam.

The formula is simple, education for the locals was bypassed, for them to be victimized and abused in order to be shaped up as economic victims and be economically deported to Europe, while the flow of colonialists have been filling up the void in exchange. As a result, the unemployment rates have sky rocketed to an amazing 40%, leading to immense poverty and extensive crime rates.

Also the cost of living have risen with an astonishing 25%, while salaries have been frozen. Average poverty rates in the world have been in decline, but in Curacao the poverty percentages have gone up? This proves that the government is not trying to help the local population, and instead favors the business community that uses enslaved foreigners to be employed for them to rake in money. Human trafficking has proven to be very lucrative enterprise indeed!

Dutch gangsters, supported by their fascist and dictatorial government in The Hague established a new network to launder drugs money through the available channels. With the cost of living systematically being pushed higher up, the formula worked out perfectly, while the media was ordered to glorify the criminal colonial occupation.

The main sources of local income were handed over as gifts to foreign entities for the evil exchange to prevailand settle in. The local taxpayers are forced to cover the costs of the fake developments, including the building of two cruise ship piers, local road infrastructures in non-urbanized areas and a 5-star hospital for the networks to accomplish their agenda at the cost of the mentally vaporized island nation along the coast of Venezuela.

Brainwashed politicians and native traitors handed over the destiny of Curacao to invasive crime rings that copied the former money flows established by previous networks supported by the DEA. Beside these moves, Curacao is strategically situated for the American oil gangsters in order to attack Venezuela’s resources through a covert coupe d’etat.

However one important factor was left out to fully claim success in order to finish the greedy dirty job. The power of the Chinese was completely underestimated by the capitalist networks, which is now expected to take an important turn into the nearby future.

Construction is one the only sectors that keeps the local economy running these days, while the real estate gangsters exchange properties for profits, so that third parties can keep on laundering their hot money!

All in all, the message has been made clear. No money, no future for the local residents that are being relocated in order for the lopsided development to continue. No fuzz, no style.

The colonial movement is supported by armed imperialist agencies, like the Dutch Army, Special Police Forces (RST) and Marines.

CNN / AA Magnum Analyst Blog News Site 2017.


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