According to the Animal Welfare Institute, there are some 30 Dolphinariums in the Caribbean, which are using captured dolphins to cash in on animal abuse. The Cruise ship industry is largely to blame for the so-called popularity of this type of tourism.

“Swim with the Dolphins” (SWTD), is a general term for a variety of dolphin-themed itineraries. The abusive industry is purely based on the most evil capitalist form of raking money at the expense of animal abuse.

Besides swimming with a dolphin (or two), people can be photographed with a captured dolphin, pulled through the water by a dolphin, smooched by a dolphin or pushed by the beak of a dolphin. Tourists are ripped off and have to pay hundreds of dollars to participate in these type of commercialized programs. They can also buy souvenirs for them to remember their encounter with the enslaved and caged animals.

Although most of the Caribbean countries have developed legislation to address the captive dolphin programs, regulations are rarely enforced, and facilities operate under the radar to rake in the money for the abusive industry. In Curacao, the captured dolphins are kept in small shallow water cages in order cash in on the evil attractions. The dolphins have to perform daily from 9-5, without any relief.

The welfare of the dolphins has been shuffled aside in order to cash in the maximum amount per dolphin investment. The brainwashed public is fooled by the marketing departments, convincing tourists that these commercial type of dolphin programs help teach people about the conservation of marine life?

The facilities across the Caribbean are supplied with wild dolphins hailed from Cuba, Honduras and the Gulf of Mexico. The dolphin exposed for business in Curacao came from Cancun, Mexico @ the price of $1 million each.

Ceta Base, which logs the capture, transport and death rates of captive dolphins around the world, estimates there are some 240 dolphins held in captivity in facilities across the Caribbean. The dolphins are chased into nets and rounded up for transport to be distributed among the centers in the Caribbean. 

Capturing dolphins in the wild is a very traumatic experience for the animals. Female dolphins are preferred because they are more trainable and can produce young dolphins for the capitalist business industry to profit from. Scientific data from 1995 have shown that the mortality rate of captured bottle-nose dolphins is dramatically increased during capture and transport.

Worldwide, the animal business entertainment industry is collapsing because of the animal abuse involved in exchange for money. Circuses on land are being closed, while many sea world attractions are being shut down in developed countries around the world. Even in the USA, the animal business schemes are being closed for the public lately.

However, as long as the desire of egocentric-brainless-tourists is not changed, because they want to keep swimming with the dolphins, the result is finally killing them. And as long as breeding programs sustain the cycle of abuse, and facilities are rewarded by the “Oscars of the Travel Industry”, there is no hope for this abuse to be recognized as such in the Caribbean.

Fish belong in the Oceans and not in shallow cages to provide for endless daily human entertainment.

The Dodo / Crickey-Conservation-Society 2017.


  1. Poor Amanda, you must have been mentally abused when you were young? Go educate yourself, animal business is on a worldwide retreat, haven’t you noticed, or are you to busy being an idiot, or working on some evil payroll?

  2. Dolphin (animal) business is pure and systematic animal abuse to make profits, Amanda S., and how dare you speak such evil words on worldwide Animal Day. The plastic issue is a global problem, so I suggest that you go educate yourself instead of making yourself look like a fool in front of the audience, you trashing trolla.

  3. Says someone who calls dolphins ‘fish’ and has never seen the natural lagoons (cages) of Dolphin Academy.

    Tourists are not pushed or pulled through the water in Curacao, are fed quality fish in perfectly measured diets that vary per dolphins caracter, health history and age and given the best medical care, but only when needed, this all in contrast to other facilities in the Caribbean.

    A terrible lot of people, especially local inhabbitants of the caribbean islands, know nothing and are not interested to learn about dolphins before they get to interact with an actual dolphin. Beside that they have no clue as to what they are doing themselves to destroy wild dolphins. For instance using way to much plastic and throwing it into the ocean.

    Research before you just write down what is your opinion on the matter.

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