The government of Curacao on the Dutch Caribbean island, has signed an agreement with the Chinese company Guandong Zhenron Energy to invest $10 billion in the modernization of the refinery and combat poverty.

The Isla refinery has the capacity to produce 335.000 barrels of oil per day and was previously operated by the Venezuelan state company PdVSA. The current lease agreement with PDVSA will end on 31 December 2019.

Located about 50 km northwest of Venezuela, the Emmastad refinery is a strategic facility for the PdVSA to store and ship Venezuelan oil destined for the Asian market.

Over the last decade, China has become one of the top buyers of Venezuelan crude and fuel through an oil-for-loans financing agreement. So far the Chinese have invested $690 billion into the global economy.

Because Curacao has recently been invaded by the tourism industry, which launder their profits through off-shore bank accounts and leave no incentive behind to develop the life quality of the local population, the Chinese are now willing to help the people of Curacao to develop their lives in a proper fashion.

Education & Sport programs have been marginal so far, which forced the local lifestyle to slide into poverty. The Chinese investors are able to support the local people and invest in their education and sports programs, for them to start developing their futures and live acceptable life, like all the other “foreign” invaders do on the island.

Worldwide many people under-estimate the Chinese power, after all it was China whom invented, paper, steel, gun power, crossbows (2000 BC), money, clock, (mapping) the universe, written the first books and so on. The Westerners copied most of the inventions and called it their own, according to our history books.

The Dutch abandoned the island of Curacao after the revolution in 1969, and returned 20 years ago, blaming the local people of failing to comply with standard procedures. The renewed Dutch covert colonization plan is based on invading the local institutions, occupying the land and annexing the taxpayers properties.

Since the Dutch networks took over control of the island’s identity (tourism), crime has quadrupled, education got downgraded, discrimination of equal rights turned more extreme, cost of living exploded, while salaries were largely frozen, to extract maximum profits for the modern human engineers.

About 200 years ago, we called it the slave trade, now we call this development. And the end, politician Wiels was assassinated for unraveling and exposing this deception game. All the killers for hire involved also were laid to rest.

Curacao can imagine itself “blessed” for having the noble Chinese doing the dirty work for the local people to survive the ordeal. Chinese investments are long-term, while the West prefers cashing in before their criminal Zionist scam gets out in the open or publicized by the mainstream media. / AA Magnum News 2017.

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