China is one of the biggest aviation markets in the world, but the country relies on foreign made aircraft. Now the ARJ-21 carried 70 passengers and marks the beginning of Beijing’s first commercial passenger operations.

The first regional jet produced in China is one of a series of initiatives launched by the ruling communist party to transform China from the world’s low cost factory into a creator of profitable technology in aviation, clean energy and other fields of interest.

The ARJ-21-700 jet is operated by Chengdu Airlines and it took its passengers fromthe western city of Chengdu to Shanghai in tow hours. China’s major airlines are state-owned which gives the government a captive pool of potential customers that can be orderd to buy Chinese-made aircraft.

Boeing forecasts China’s total demand for civilian jetliners over the next two decades @ 5.580 planes worth a total of $780 billion.

China Today / AA Amgnum News 2016.

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