The Italians basically ended the refugee crisis into Europe for the moment. Over 5.000 Italian NATO troops and Western-backed Arab gangs have blocked the migrant flow to Europe for a while. The Italian military is supported by thousands of French & British forces that also help protect the captured Libyan oil refineries and depots.

But, let’s be clear, the flow of migrants into Europe is never-ending. The stream doesn’t ever stop flowing, but it does change its tempo from time to time. During the events of the Mutti Merkel refugee crisis, we saw the dam break and a flood come pouring into Europe. It was truly biblical. And we still don’t know just how many made the trek. It could be somewhere between 2 or 4 million through Germany alone!

But the elites don’t want to boil the frog too fast. They managed to dam up one of the mass migration points about three months ago. That, coupled with the border fences erected along the route through the Balkans has managed to slow things back down to a drip. Only about 100 thousand more Africans entered Europe this year so far.

But the stop-gap measures won’t hold for long. Arab rebel gangs have rounded up and put about 500 thousand Africans into open air camps and refuse to let them pass on to Europe.

In any case, it’s clear that the immigration crisis in Europe is far from being resolved. The flow of refugees from the Middle East and Africa isn’t decreasing and is even growing.

During 2016, 180,000 immigrants arrived by ships, and in the first 7 months of this year more than 110,000 people have landed on the European shores. Italy is taking the main blow. And the chief supplier of illegal immigrants from Africa is Libya. For now, 5 million euro’s turned out to be a sufficient sum to reduce the flow of migrants by 87%, that is, almost completely.

Europe is trying to cynically bribe the militants in Libya, so they would leave the refugees there, even if it’s in a concntration camp. In the Hamarat hotel in Tunisia, the Italian secret services gave 5 million Euro to Ahmad Dabbashi, nicknamed “Uncle,” who paid the clans and ordered to close the ports. After Gaddafi’s death, every meter of Libyan coast is controlled by its own gang.

The gang was snuffed out, probably by some American or Israeli-supported group that will keep the border open. And we are about to see another half a million at least make the journey all at once.

The refugee crisis is far from over, in fact, it’s just really getting started!

Russia-Insider / AA Magnum Analyst Blog News Site 2017.

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